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Oct 17 2010


Here’s an education quickie:

Spent all week looking forward to seeing “Waiting For Superman” hoping it would be the cure to my minor depression. Turns out, it was not. The movie was basically the “Nursery University” of the poor. The way I see things in this country: the poor are trying to get into charter schools (although my charter school had a tough time with enrollment and our budget was frozen… so I don’t know how widespread this problem actually is) and the rich are trying to get into private schools (RE: “Nursery University”) and there’s not enough space for the rich or poor in these types of schools and so really we should just be concerting our efforts in the public schools where there is enough space for everyone. Of course, changes are going to take forever to be made (a-duhhhh, Michelle Rhee’s side story says it all) however, we can’t give up on making great education accessible for everyone. In my opinion, it is ultimately the public schools that are accessible and are somewhat unified and therefore the best place for reform. Just sayin’.

Here’s a life quickie:

Finished the most imperative planning by 5pm today so I impulsively went into the city with my roommate to meet our friend who I’ve seen about once since institute. I chose to do this because I was having a friend panic attack. Now, I have a fair amount of friends here in the Bay, but it is ever so rare to have time to do fun things with them since when the window of time arises, it rarely aligns with the window of time of my friends. Alas, if it just so happens that our free time does fall at the same instance, it does not necessarily mean that we will want to do the same things at that same time. To be blunt, I need friends who aren’t teachers with more free time and willingness to do the things I want to do, when I have the availability to do them, because otherwise I’m often going to be doing fun things alone. Tomorrow for instance, I’ll be going to the Treasure Island Music Festival all by my lonesome. For the record: when Broken Social Scene, Ra Ra Riot and Surfer Blood are in my presence I’m definitely not alone, but you know what I mean…

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