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Jun 24 2011

First Year Teaching/Last Year Teaching

A year later and there are many things hazy to me about institute. But one thing that hasn’t blurred is that TFA believes that great teachers are made, not born. I remember this mantra because an SD or SOM or CMA wrote it and slapped it on the wall of the classroom where I had all of my learning sessions during institute. I stared at that poster endlessly. I truly believed it during institute. Despite having nothing more than an excitement for wanting to positively impact education in this country, I had zero education experience and I was optimistic I could be made into a great teacher with hard work and the proper support.
My students have achieved amazing learning goals this year. My data technically says I’m a great teacher. But there’s so much more to it and I for one know that I am far from a great educator.…

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May 16 2011

California Budget Woes

“The state’s [California's] school system, however, would be see additional funding. Some $3 billion in education spending would be restored, although this is still $4 billion below 2007-08 levels, Brown noted.” … Earlier this year my principal said that California school budgets would be reduced anywhere between 4% and 20% for the 2011-2012 school year.…

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May 04 2011


If you’ve been in TFA, you have probably have experienced some sort of favoritism at one time or another. Whether you are currently a favorite or you teach with a favorite, or you live with a favorite, it is undeniable that TFA treats certain corps members differently. Have you been invited to an executive dinner…

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Apr 23 2011

Thoughts From Above America

Mid-flight back to San Jose and all I can think is “9 weeks. 9 weeks. 9 weeks.” These 9 weeks are going to be tough. I’ve got the whole kindergarten field trip to the zoo this coming week, the month of May filled with all 5-day weeks of intense learning, then benchmarks, grading the benchmarks,…

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Apr 22 2011

Bathroom Accidents

I know this is an over-share, but it’s essential to the story I’m about to tell: I have a weak bladder. A VERY weak bladder. So weak that I had to see a urologist about it last year and was prescribed the medication [you are probably familiar with from advertisements for senior citizens] Vesicare to…

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Apr 20 2011

100th Day of School!

Again, because it is Spring Break, I finally have time to write some posts that I meant to share a few weeks back. This post is all about the 100th day of school, which occurred on Tuesday, February 22, 2011! For the 100th day, I had my little mathematicians create projects using 100 objects. During…

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Apr 20 2011

April Fools Dad!!!

Since it’s Spring Break, I have time to catch up on some posts I’ve meant to write. So, here’s a random funny story: It was a Friday night and I had just finished the drive from San Jose to Oakland with my housemates and we were entering our friends house where they were holding a…

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Apr 19 2011

HuffPo Hits The Spot

If you’ve been following this blog at all, you definitely know that I’ve had my ups and downs with the charter school district I work for. One thing in particular pushes my button and makes me feel uncomfortable day in and day out. Every morning at my school we chant about the big end of…

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Apr 10 2011


Currently working on the playlist ‘kINDIEgarten’ for when my kids are doing independent work in class (ha. get it? independent work + ‘independent’ music = kINDIEgarten). Any recommendations for kinder appropriate repetitive indie/rock songs that you think 5 year-olds would catch onto and like? (ex: the ting tings “Great DJ”)

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Mar 10 2011

Cornellians: Rhee & Weingarten

Fantastic interviews with Michelle Rhee ’92 & Randi Weingarten ’80 in Cornell Alumni Magazine! Looooove my alma mater, especially because it produces people on opposite, yet extremely insightful, ends of the education spectrum.

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